B.Cole & Sons Amusements ltd is most commonly known for our wristbands offer! this page contains more information on them. and most common questions. 

What is a Wristband for? 
​​​if you purchase a wristband for £5.99pp/6.99pp (£6.99 for christchurch as its one of our largest fairs!) you can ride all the rides as many times as you like in your session!
wristband sessions -  to help insure you get the best value for money we do wristbands in two hour sessions. in these two hours you will be able to have unlimited access to all the rides. 
Times and session vary. 

Commonly asked  questions

I'm only coming to supervise my children. I won't be going on any rides! Do I need to buy a band? - No, You only need to buy the wristband if your riding.
How much is it for an adult band? - All wristbands are the same price for any age! 
My childs under 3 do we need to pay for her/him? - You only have to pay for anyone riding. most of the time we recommend you go in and have a look first and check the height restrictions. you can always come back to buy a wristband if you change your mind. you could also pay per ride whatever you prefer to do. (for children under 3 an responsible person will have to accompany them) 
Can me and my friend/partner share the band? - No, Wristbands cannot be swapped and any broken or tampered wristbands will be invaild for any rides.
Is there much for children to do?- Are fairgrounds are family orientated! Children are spoilt for choice.
Whats included in the wristband? - All the rides!(Even the dodgems) Games Stalls & Food will not be included but is availible to purchase separately. 
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I Missed half my session. Can I buy my wristband half price? - No, we have a set price for writsbands there £5.99. We wouldn't sale you them if we feel there isn't enough time to get your moneys worth. If you want you can pay per ride. It's really up to what you decide.

 Session times(sessions times may vary*)

1pm-3pm // 3pm-5pm // 5pm-7pm // 7pm-9pm
for more accurate session times please feel free to get in touch!

Wristband Sessions

we advice that if you want the full 2 hours you arrive at the begainning of the session.
we start selling the new wristbands approxemently 15 minutes before each session starts. to insure everyone gets the most for their money.