On this page you'll find the rides featured at the majority of our fairs! for hire infomation please contact us! 

Our Waltzer ride is one of the family favourites! It's been in our family for generations.
its recently undergone a new look. it's defaintely one of our most popular rides and it's availible for all your events! 

- Crazy Cage- 
Very popular with the teens!
on this ride you stick to the sides whilst being up  in the air.
Great for thrill seekers!
​Height restrictions apply*
Everybody loves the dodgems. Defiantley one of our most popular rides. 
to drive your own car you must be at least 4ft 6' -
availible to hire! just get in touch!
- The Starflyer -

featured at Southampton Common Easter Fair, The Bournemouth airshow & More

is one of the latest rides. Takes you high in the sky!

The Rock'N'Roll
 There isn't may of these around! Also very popular with the teens. Theres lots of spinning involved on this one! The rock n roll is not featured at most venues but you will find it at Christchurch! If you'd like some more infomation or hire details. Please feel free to get in touch!
The Sizzler
Otherwise known as the twister!
is also a very popular family ride. This ride came about in the late 1930s and has been family favourite ever since! 
  1. Screamer
  2. Gravity
  3. Obiter